Introducing the LUXE Manicure Kit

Introducing the LUXE Manicure Kit


Introducing the LUXE Manicure Kit

Learning to care for your own nails at home has never been more important, and we’re here to show you just how easy it can be with the right steps.

A recent consumer survey revealed that visiting a beauty salon ranked third on the list of activities people missed during lockdown, highlighting our enduring love for professional treatments. However, the pandemic has underscored the need for equipping ourselves with the skills and tools to perform essential self-care routines at home.

Enter the LUXE Manicure Kit! This ultimate 18-piece set allows you to treat, shape, and care for your nails using the same tools found in professional clinics. Performing your own manicure at home may seem daunting, but with practice and our easy step-by-step guide, you’ll soon achieve salon-quality results. Our guide will show you how to shape your nails, reduce cuticles, and remove discoloration and ridges. Follow our simple 5-step routine to get the healthy, strong, and beautiful nails you’ve always dreamed of.

While we’re thrilled to visit professional salons again, it’s reassuring to have a professional nail kit at home for those unavoidable touch-ups and to keep our natural nails looking healthy and beautifully buffed.

LUXE Manicure Kit

Precisely trim, shape, buff, and shine your nails to perfection! The LUXE Manicure Kit includes all the essential tools to care for your nails and keep them looking healthy. It has become our go-to kit for nail care both at home and on the go.

How to Use Our LUXE Manicure Kit Tools:

Step One - Trim!

  • Start by trimming nails into the desired shape with the nail clipper, starting at the corners and clipping toward the center.

Step Two - Shape!

  • Shape and smooth nail edges with nail files. Start from the side of the nail, and in one direction, file towards the center.

Step Three - Buff!

  • Buff away imperfections with the nail buffer. The sides are gentle on nails and effectively shape and smooth to a perfect shine for naturally glossy nails. The buffer pads are color-coded and labeled for ease of use.

Achieve healthy, beautiful nails at home with the LUXE Manicure Kit!

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